Recruitment & Selection

We are committed to develop and maintain a pool of qualified and competent seafarers to meet our customer’s requirements.

In line with our long standing commitment to our clients and business industry partners, we have established a distinguished recruitment section that screens and conducts preliminary interviews to all applicants. All national, international, flag state and client requirements must be met by all applicants. This includes an extensive pre-employment medical examination, thus ensuring all accepted applicants are physically and mentally fit to work on board a ship.

Our Recruitment Advantage

  • Networking
  • Background Checking
  • Vast Selection of Developed Apprentices and Officers
  • Extensive Knowledge of the Current Market

Screening Process
To assess the applicant’s knowledge and skills, the recruitment section conducts oral interview and computer based examinations which may include Marlins English and other technically specific courses, depending on the position applied for.

Part of our selection process involves seafarers undertaking CES test, a computer based examination system that has some 5,000 questions that are available for every seafarer in every rank to answer. The computer selects the questions randomly depending on the type of vessel applied for and if the candidate has previous experience onboard the same vessel type.

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