Finance and Administration

Besides handling the company’s financial matters, the Accounting Department is in charge of the seafarer’s payroll service and delivery system including any and all medical and legal cases. A system has also been devised to provide seafarers onboard and their families ashore a means of communicating via our team of crewing officers and admin personnel. Consequently, […]


Part of our commitment to our clients and stakeholders is to ensure that all candidates are qualified for the jobs they will undertake. In view of this, we have established a training department that conducts various types of trainings for all of MPI’s clients. This list of courses includes but is not limited to: ISM […]


Recruitment & Selection We are committed to develop and maintain a pool of qualified and competent seafarers to meet our customer’s requirements. In line with our long standing commitment to our clients and business industry partners, we have established a distinguished recruitment section that screens and conducts preliminary interviews to all applicants. All national, international, flag […]