Ms. Maria Mercedes M. Ravanopoulos – President

From its meager beginnings to its current state, through highs and lows, her grace under pressure has placed our clients at ease through any crisis.

She currently oversees all accounting matters and has shown an adept knowledge in handling the crew MPI provides its clients.


Capt. Perikles Ravanopoulos

Capt. Pericles Ravanopoulos – Director

With more than 20 years experience in many facets of the industry, he has helped spearhead the manning industry to what it has become today.

Having been the Chairman of the Board of Directors of OSG Manila, he has the utmost experience in crew management leading to one of the largest tanker specialty pools of personnel of which most has been retained by Michaelmar Phils., Inc.

Capt. Perikles Ravanopoulos

Mr. Spyros M. Ravanopoulos – Director

As Director, the pressure falls on Mr. Ravanopoulos as he strives to deliver the quality of seafarers promised to our principals.

Currently taking his Bachelors of Science in Maritime Business. He has also undertaken his IMO Model Course for Instructors and Assessors. He currently heads the Leisure Department and the Training Department

Spyros M. Ravanopoulos


Ms. Sotirula Patricia M. Ravanopoulos – Human Resources Manager

As our Human Resources Manager, her main duties consist of hiring competent personnel that will provide the same quality of work as expected by our principals.

She is currently handling all medical repatriation cases of MPI and with her team, shows great initiative to do what they can to protect the rights of MPI’s clients.



Capt. Perikles Ravanopoulos

Capt. Nestor M. Vargas – Fleet Manager

Capt. Nestor Vargas has been our Fleet Manager since 2009. With his extensive knowledge of today’s seafaring industry and vast experiences as a Master Mariner, he is one of the most reliable persons in the company.

An outspoken person with regards to crew welfare for all nationalities, Capt. Vargas acts a beacon for all seafarers and their families.


Capt. Perikles Ravanopoulos